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Black Mesa Blanket
Enduring Vision, Sustaining Community

The San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles, in partnership with Black Mesa Weavers for Life and Land, Inc. have produced a limited edition of 125 numbered Black Mesa Blankets. Designed by Diné (Navajo) shepherds and weavers, with weft spun from their rare Navajo-Churro fleece, the blankets are produced by Pendleton Woolen Mills.

The collaboration between the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles, Black Mesa Weavers, and Pendleton Woolen Mills will generate earned revenue to support programs of the Museum and Black Mesa Weavers. The sale will also support the production, purchase, and sale of Churro wool and yarns, thereby helping to sustain and increase the market for the Navajo families’ rare Churro wool, hence improving their ability to sustain their ways of life.

This collaboration would not be possible without the generous grant given to the project from The Christensen Fund.

One hundred blankets will be sold at the Museum.

Because of the limited number order now.
$300 non-members, $270 members

Any inquiries can be directed to:
408.971.0323 x11