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High Fiber Under 5

Polka Dot Whispers

Polka Dot Whispers
by Linda Cline
Cotton fabric, thread, acrylic paint
Raw edge applique, free motion machine quilting, painting
23 x 17

October 20 – November 4, 2012
5th Annual High Fiber Exhibit

Benefit Art Exhibition and Sale
For the past four years High Fiber has been the Museum’s signature benefit art sale created to generate support for both fiber artists and the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles. A juried exhibition, High Fiber is an inspiring showcase for a wide variety of textile art forms including quilts, jewelry, tapestries, wall-hangings, sculpture, and wearable art where fiber plays a prominent role. All of the art in this exhibition is for sale at $500 or less, with a designated percentage of the proceeds donated to the Museum.

The final selection of 262 works by sixty-five artists presented in High Fiber, have been created by nationally known and emerging artists, and include a variety of styles. From intimate to quirky, serious to fun, singular examples or a series the works provide textural, color, and conversation. Established art collectors, as well as first-time buyers attending the VIP Reception on October 20 will have the first opportunity to see and purchase the newest in fiber-based artwork, and the general public is invited to attend An Afternoon of High Fiber the following day.

This year, we’ve created a secondary exhibit, FiberShots, as an additional opportunity for the public to purchase fiber art. FiberShots will feature 15” x 15” artful fiber work—traditional and contemporary/non-traditional—that will be sold for $100, directly in support of the Museum. This is an exciting event for the museum as it gives fiber enthusiasts the opportunity to buy work not otherwise available for sale.

Executive Director Christine Jeffers notes, “It is our mission to promote the craft and history of textile and fiber art. This event presents a broad representation of fiber art and allows members of the public to purchase a piece, take it home, and become advocates for fiber art.”

Artists included are: Candice Abraham, B. J. Adams, Pamela G. Allen, Deborah E. Babin, Nancy L. Bardach, Stella K. Belikiewicz, Lynne Brotman, Leslie Carabas, Dotti Cichon, Sandra Palmer Ciolino, Linda J. Cline, Leslie Coe, Carol Coohey, Judith Crespo, Thomas Cronenberg, Yael David-Cohen, Virginia Davis, Alma I. de la Melena Cox, Giny Dixon, Radka Donnell, Sandi Goldstein, Gloria J. Grandy, Wendy Huhn, Jill Jensen, Deborah Johnson, Gwen Jones, Ms. Joy-Lily, Lisa Kerpoe, Marjan Kluepfel, Lynn Koolish, Linda Laird, Janice Lessman-Moss, Moxie Lieberman, Marcia Manzo, Therese L. May, Pam Moore, Dominie M. Nash, Sheila O'Hara, Ellen Oppenheimer, Carole I. Parker, Gabrielle J. Pescador, Wen Redmond, Rowland Ricketts, Michael F. Rohde, Elena Rosenberg, Daniel S. Rouse, Mary M. Sandbothe, Christa M. Schreiber, Joan Schulze, Judy Shelton, Wendeanne Ke`aka Stitt, Linda Syverson Guild, Claudia Tait, Connie Tiegel, Debbie Tislau, Judith Trager, Susan Walen, Catherine L. Waltz, Allyson Weir, Katy J, Widger, Isabelle Wiessler, Shea Wilkinson, Erin M. Wilson.

October 20: VIP Reception, 6pm to 8pm
Please RSVP by October 13, 2012 to

October 21: An Afternoon of High Fiber, A Public Wine & Cheese Reception, 2pm to 4pm
Please RSVP by October 13, 2012 to

Exhibition Sponsored by:

Thomas C. and Larel Bondi

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